Professional Staff!

Hawkeye Vision staff have a variety of backgrounds and skills. Our engineering staff are seasoned professionals with extensive mechanical, electronic and software engineering backgrounds. Our field technicians are top notch and quick thinkers that can make changes on the fly.

Our entire staff have deep roots in the Information Technology sector. With the convergence of IT and Security and Surveillance, it will be most critical to know how to bridge communications between the two groups.

There is a saying; if your surveillance vendor says industry knowledge isn't important, then they probably don't have any. At Hawkeye Vision we take pride in our industry knowledge. We go to great lengths to bring in professionals from the industries that we deal with to make sure you are getting our best.

Our innovation doesn't stop at our products and services, we have accomplished business professionals running the company to be sure the company continues to grow. We've recently added leasing options and Grant writing assistance.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team please contact our Human Resources group at

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