Security/Surveillance Workflow Assessment.
Securing your facility starts with a SECURITY PLAN. Let our qualified staff consult for you. Our professionals have Over 25 years of security/surveillance expertise.

Complete Project Management and Integration.
No matter what the size of the project, we offer complete surveillance design, workflow analysis, project management and integration from start to finish.

New Product Development.
From concept to design to construction, we offer complete product development, advanced testing and mass production strategies. We have software, hardware, electronic and mechanical engineers at our disposal.

IT friendly products and services.
As physical security shifts to the IT department umbrella, it is important for your security products to comply with IT standards and practices. Regardless which side you are on, we are your conduit to the other side.

Financing, Leasing and Grant Writing.
A changing economy and inflation play havoc on budgets. We can put together a financing plan that will meet your needs and help you leverage your money. We also have Grant Writers on staff and a host of available grant opportunities.

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